Dr. James Chappuis – Thought Leadership

Mergers in the Spine and Orthopedic Medtech Space
9-12-2023  Healthcare professionals describe their concerns over recent mergers of medtech companies in the spinal and orthopedic space. Hopeful that those mergers bestow benefits to the industry and to patients, they also warn that there can be some negative results if caution is not practiced.
“Future medtech company mergers have the opportunity to either disappoint or improve healthcare. The outcome is solely based on the heart of the companies. If the coalescence of these companies leads to the prevention of attainable healthcare and devices as well as commodifying patients, then it will be at the detriment to the medtech consumers first and ultimately the mergers long term. However, if the mergers improve the accessibility and quality of patient care, these plans could be exciting.” Stated Dr. James Chappuis

Medical Partnerships and Your Spinal Health
9-1-2023  As more and more orthopedic practices partner with hospitals and medical institutions, there are many aspects of these arrangements that need to be considered.  Dr. James Chappuis of the Spine Center Atlanta shares his insights.
“Before entering a hospital partnership, smaller practices should be sure that the partnership is rooted in full transparency communication and shared values.
The basis of excellent healthcare is attentive and thorough communication. Smaller practices and hospitals should be clear in defining their roles, their expectations, and their processes to make the partnership as cohesive as possible. This also includes planning contingency strategies for emergencies, exit options and employee changes. An integral part of making communication transparent is ensuring values align. Going into a partnership where the smaller practice and hospital’s goals do not match will lead to an unsuccessful pairing.
A foundation rooted in a defined, shared directive will likely lead to the most successful partnership.” Stated Dr. James Chappuis

The forementioned quotes are from Becker’s Spine Review Featured Insights.